The battery recycling landscape is changing in the US due to a steady increase in the purchase of portable devices using batteries followed by growing consumer demand for more convenient, one-stop recycling for all household batteries, whether single-use or rechargeable.

However, funding hasn’t matched desire. Industry stewards voluntarily fund the recycling of rechargeable batteries to satisfy government hazardous waste regulations. Single-use batteries do not pose the same environmental threat, so funding must come from other sources.

In response to this shifting landscape, Call2Recycle is rolling out a new all-battery program in the US, effective April 1. We’ve developed a new menu of services from which collection sites can choose the one that best fits their needs. Our services still include collection boxes and bulk shipping; we’ve introduced a pay-as-you-go, all-battery collection kit option available through one upfront fee.

New Service Highlights

  • Fee-based primary battery recycling option
  • New, pay-as-you-go recycling option with one upfront fee
  • Sorting for a nominal fee
  • Rechargeable recycling fee for private collection sites (those that do not collect from the public)

For more information on the new all-battery recycling program, visit these helpful links:

For specific questions, contact your Call2Recycle account manager in the U.S. or Customer Service at 877-723-1297 for more information.